Data Feed Management

Because of the vastness of the internet, without quality data you cannot expect to have the exposure you need to reach the right customers for your business. The solution lies in Data Feed Management & Optimization.

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Data Feed Management

For optimal control of your online presence, a data feed management platform like EshopsWithIQ is essential. This will allow you to feed product information and update sales data across multiple sales channels, giving you access to marketing channels, price comparison engines, marketplaces and affiliate networks. Our data feed management platform can help you:

  • Add one or multiple data sources of your eShop.
  • Create a calendar of your product information updates per source.
  • Transform your product data by setting rules & conditions
  • Manage your categories in bulk.
  • Create product groups with automated rules.
  • Audit your feed synchronization easily.

Optimize your feed

Optimizing data feed quality is improving all the information within your product feed to help show your products to the right customers. You can:

  • Choose from the premade templates for every eMarket.
  • Create  your own product feeds for the eMarket you want.
  • Create product feeds with different products based on the eMarket.
  • Enrich your product data feeds with new fields and data sets.
  • Request eMarket templates.

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A platform for your Business

EshopsWithIQ can optimize more than just your products. It can streamline operations and remove the middle man. How frequently do you call a third party to correct a fix to your current inventory online, update your products, or read reports? Once a day? Multiple times a day or week?

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Back into the driver's seat

Information is a key component to the structure and foundation of your business and removes you away from monotonous tasks and put you back into the driver’s seat.

Ultimately EshopsWithIQ will transform the data you feed to your eMarkets, will enrich your product feeds and make them more relevant to the right customers and improve your ROI!

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