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EshopsWithIQ generates optimized product feeds for Trovaprezzi, which, according to their site:

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Save by shopping online with Trovaprezzo.it
Trovaprezzo.it is the first Italian price comparator: every day, for over 17 years, it has supported millions of users in the online search for products at the best price.

Thanks to the quick and effective search on Trovaprezzo.it you can find the product you are looking for at the best online price: over 18 million offers, ordered starting from the lowest price, are at your disposal! And if you are still undecided you can use the sorting by popularity: you will be able to see which products are chosen by other users of Trovaprezzo.it.

You can also choose the right product for you by browsing through the many product categories that make up the site: Appliances, Mobile Phones and Smartphones, Perfumes, Supplements and Adjuvants, Notebooks, Digital Cameras, Sports Equipment, Erotic Items and many more. You can also browse through the most frequent searches for each category , thus finding the right inspiration for your next online purchases.

The most popular products have pages enriched with very useful contents for your choice: in addition to the technical data sheet and the opinions of users who have purchased the product before you, you will also find the review of one of our experts, a graph that indicates the trend of prices in the last months of the displayed product and the indication of the current best price. Thanks to the desired price functionality you can set your ideal price at which you would like to buy a product: when the product reaches that price you will receive an alert on your e-mail and you can complete the purchase at the best price. By registering, you can then receive additional services: insert products in the favorite lists, release reviews on e-commerce and products and subscribe to our newsletters.

We select the best online stores to offer all those who use Trovaprezzo.it a safe shopping experience. We activate a unique relationship channel with each online store - to date over 3,300 - to ensure effective and quality price comparison.

To achieve even better results we have developed our own program of certified opinions thanks to which it is possible to release feedback on products and online stores and, at the same time, thanks to which it is possible to consult the experiences of those who have concluded a purchase on an e-commerce affiliated with Trovaprezzo.it, thus creating a network based on reliability and competence.

On Trovaprezzo.it there is also the section dedicated to our Buying Guides , created by experts to guide consumers in the choice of different products and models, and a Magazine dedicated to all the market news, curiosities about brands and products. . Trovaprezzo.it makes available its almost twenty years of experience in the online world with the Trovaprezzo Observatory , that is a privileged point of view on the Italian e-commerce market that carries out periodic studies on the market trend and on the buying trends of the moment.

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Trovaprezzi has an online presence in: Italy.

For further information, please visit https://www.trovaprezzi.it/


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Streamline the process of listing your products on Trovaprezzi by using EshopsWithIQ. First you create your account at Trovaprezzi. After completing the process, you will be asked to upload a product feed that follows their specifications.  

EshopsWithIQ allows you to create a product feed for Trovaprezzi with a ready-made template with their specifications directly from the platform. Trovaprezzi has a number of minimum required fields in their specifications, but with EshopsWithIQ you can provide Trovaprezzi with additional information about your products, in order to optimize your performance and increase your sales. By providing those additional fields your products are going to perform better and become more relevant at Trovaprezzi!

We keep all of our specifications up to date so that you may offer high-quality data with minimal effort. All you have to do is set up your feed, optimize it by adding more fields for better performance and everything else will be handled automatically by EshopsWithIQ.


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